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We established the project for one purpose, and one purpose only: to fuel press.

Activity Streams


This is where your profile can be found. It is private by default, meaning only people you are friends with are able to see it. You can reveal it to the public at any time. We do not intend to re-invent the wheel, the main purpose for those timelines is to be a feed of user’s annotations activity.


Living documents, powered by which allows you to add unlimited sources or annotations to any part of publication’s text. It also allows your readers to leave comments in any part of the document.


A place dedicated to ideation: describe your idea, brainstorm it, collect necessary assets and documents, all in one place. Any PDF uploaded into directory will turn into a living document, allowing others to add social annotations and notes, fixes, comments and enrichments.


You can perform various tasks in order to make a profit. These are usually tasks related to our portal’s technical (like programming a new feature or modifying the existing) or content-oriented tasks (for example providing scientific sources to back or debunk a claim made in the article).


This feature allows you to receive, store and spend our currency – Fuel – as well as Ethereum or any ERC-20 compatible token/coin. After a while, when you gather some fuel, you will be able to spend it on micro-jobs that we offer, like Website Development & implementation, courses that we will launch in the near future or everything available at our shop.